Signature Amino Acid Chelates

Benefits of a Chelate

Wilchem Signature is a range of Amino Acid Chelates. Amino acids are bidentate chelants – they form two bonds to the nutrient forming a “chelate ring” as can be seen in the example below using Copper. The double bond is stronger than a single ionic bond, this protects the nutrient and maintains it insolution. Chelates allows for improved compatibility with a wide range of plant protection product.

Illustration of the structure of an Amino Acid Chelate

Increased uptake efficiency

Nutrients such as Calcium, for example, normally enter the cell through an exchange process. In this process the cell will exchange two H+ ions in exchange for the Ca2+ ion (example). This exchange requires energy and is dependent on the calcium being in a form that the plant can absorb.


Amino Acid chelates are absorbed differently as they are recognised by the plant as a protein. Amino Acids are the basic building blocks of protein. Protein is a long chain of adjoining amino acids.


Amino Acids enter the plant via protein channels. Protein channels use little energy and facilitate rapid uptake. By chelating the nutrient with the Amino Acid the nutrient can be absorbed through the same protein channel allowing for fast, effective uptake.


Uptake of Amino Acids