Sulfate Fertiliser

Wilchem currently specialises in four micro-nutrient groups: Manganese Sulfate, Zinc Sulfate, Copper Sulfate and Ammonium Sulfate. These are all designed for broadacre cropping situations, and are manufactured at our modern, purpose built manufacturing plant.

Multi-nutrient blends of up to 3 elements are often required for good agronomic reasons. Zinc and Manganese have traditionally been used in combination, but there is no reason why other elements cannot be added to the blends.

The ratio of blends can be varied to suit the requirements of different districts and crop needs, or as required by your agronomic specialist.


Wilchem Sulfate Range includes;



Zinc Sulfate 160 Solution
160g/Lt Zn


Manganese Sulfate 170 Solution
170g/Lt Mn


Copper Sulfate Solution
67 g/Lt Cu


ZMC Prescription Blend (44:114:3)
Other prescription Blends available on request
  -  Minimum volume 1000Lt
  -  Written orders must show analysis required


Ammonium Sulfate Crystalline
Spray Grade
APVMA Approval No.: 63135