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ZMC Prescription Blends

Multi-nutrient blends of up to three trace elements are often required for the best agronomic practice. Different crops and variable soil types have meant that meeting crop requirements has become more exact.

The ratio of blends can be varied to suit the requirements of different districts, or as recommended by agronomic advice.

Zinc and manganese have traditionally been used in combination, but there is no reason why other elements cannot be added to the blends.

Manganese: Copper (MC)
Manganese: Zinc (ZM)
Zinc: Manganese: Copper (ZMC)

These blends can all be prepared in stable sulphate solutions.

The sulphate solutions can be customised by the addition of two to five percent Fulvic Acid to increase plant uptake as well as improving the compatibility of the blend with some agricultural chemicals.

A small amount of nitrogen added to prescription blends can also be advantageous in improving the uptake of the elements by the particular crop.