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Rowloader Range

Wilchem’s Rowloader Range is a collection of liquid products specifically designed to be used in furrow as soil conditioners to improve the structural stability of the soil while providing additional nutrition. Soil structure is often overlooked but is essential in facilitating healthy crop growth through greater water infiltration (improved water use efficiency) and hydraulic conductivity, nutrient movement (improved nutrient use efficiency) and microbial health throughout the targeted soil profile.

Wilchem’s Rowloader range of products include wetters, penetrants, surfactants, electrolytes, tannins and other complexing agents to form a very stable and non-toxic soil conditioner. They can be combined with granular fertility programs or blended with other liquid solutions depending on requirements.

Specific products are available to target specific issues in field such as –

  • High percentage of dispersive clay
  • Surface sealing and poor ware infiltration
  • Low nutrient availability
  • High and low soil pH that can limit nutrient availability

All nutrients are available in this range as targeted blends.

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Prima Trace 80:40:10
Furrow PK
Macro Prima
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